About You


  • You get serious responses to your candidacy (95% of all clients report an immediate increase in booking interviews, for example). And since a consultant's search for clients is really a "€œjob search" over and over, you're viewed seriously even if you're new to consulting
  • You feel more in control of this thing called "job search". You finally have a sense of being highly competitive in today's marketplace. You feel caught up with what's going on, and you feel in the flow, instead of having no clue.
  • If you've followed the process, you get that new job sooner, increasing your income while reducing your family's stress
  • You know "€“ and are confident in "€“ what you have to offer, and this energizes you and employers SEE that confidence and energy!

Services are in person/one-to-one, via web-based video (Skype, etc.), over the phone, singly or in groups.

Job search campaign packages for:

Directors, Managers, Regional Managers, Area Leaders, VPs and others in job search

Discovery of your Value Success Factors©: What's the evidence that you bring value? How will you pay your own salary

Marketing Yourself: Your personalized strategy. Your resume: "€œYou on paper", a mission statement, not merely a document. LinkedIn, your silent salesperson that helps hiring managers find you, and helps you engage with your network and mine it. How to network intelligently without pushing yourself or your resume on people.

Productivity and accountability: Interviewing that's more like a collaborative meeting instead of an inquisition. Finding the right and fitting words to use that answer awkward questions such as, "€œWhy are you leaving your current job?" Coaching your inner circle in the ways they can support you. Motivation, social media, overcoming biases, being remembered. Handling offers and salary negotiation.

And for the knowledge expert who wants to become a consultant:

Any meeting with a potential client is really a job interview. Are you ready? I take you through many of the same steps above because a potential client will ask for a resume, you'll be marketing your expertise and business via LinkedIn, you'll be networking. We'll also create business marketing tools for you, whether you're a DBA or LLC: a LinkedIn page for your business, posting updates and articles on LinkedIn and other business media, a monthly newsletter, social media that targets your market, getting speaking gigs, and other "€“ all leading to you becoming known as an expert in your field, the expert companies want to hire to help them grow.

Don't fit in either category above?

Maybe you just want "€œthat one more great job" before retiring. Maybe you've been out of your field for a while and want back in, or maybe you're a new grad. Contact Joanne to learn more about how she'd work with you.


These are by the project. They are not by the hour, so that you don't have to worry about the clock ticking, and so that you get everything you need from your work with me. These are quoted on a custom basis. Take a look at the Career Consult with the Queen as a first step.