Complete career shift program for:

Anyone thinking about heading out on their own. After all, every meeting with a potential client IS a job interview. Be ready.


Program includes:

Discovery of your Value Success Factors©: In these career shift evaluation sessions you will discover the value you bring to your clients and how this value justifies your fees. Through this session you will not only discover your value, you will learn to accurately and concisely articulate it to potential clients.

How to market your business: In these development sessions we will create your personalized career development strategy. Develop your business resume: "You (as a business) on paper" is really a mission statement, not merely a document. Learn the power of LinkedIn, market your business expertise, and help you engage with your network and mine it for potential clients. You will also learn how to do Elegant Networking© without pushing yourself on people. Together we'll create business marketing tools for you, whether you're a DBA or LLC: a LinkedIn page for your business, posting updates and articles on LinkedIn and other business media, perhaps also a monthly newsletter, definitely social media that targets your market, getting speaking gigs, and more. All leading to you becoming known as an expert in your field, the expert companies want to hire to help them grow.

Holding yourself accountable: being productive and staying motivated: Here we will practice the art of collaborative prospecting meetings instead of “here’s what I have to sell”. We’ll talk about why “free first meetings” can kill a new business. We will practice answering uncomfortable prospect questions like, "Why should I hire you?” and “Can I get a discount?” We’ll focus on finding the right and fitting words for you to use. We will practice how you’ll coach your inner circle in the ways they can support you and keep you motivated. In addition, we will cover overcoming biases, being remembered, handling proposals, and closing.

Let’s face it, any meeting with a potential client is really a job interview. Are you ready?


  • You get serious leads for your business. Since a consultant's search for clients is really a "job search" over and over, you’ll be prepared and viewed seriously even if you're new to consulting
  • You feel more in control of targeting and acquiring new clients. You finally have a sense of being competitive in today's marketplace. You feel caught up with what's going on, and you feel in the flow, instead of having little or no clue
  • If you've followed the process, you get new clients sooner, increasing your income while reducing your family's stress
  • You know "and are confident in" what you have to offer, and this energizes you and potential clients SEE that confidence and energy!

“After publishing only my 5th article on LinkedIn, a prospective client saw it and called me to come in to help them solve exactly the problem I wrote about. You rock, Joanne!”

                                                                                               -Machinery company consultant



Services are in person/one-to-one, via web-based video (Skype, etc.), over the phone, one-to-one.



Fees are by the project. They are not by the hour, this way you don't have to worry about the clock ticking and you get everything you need from your work with me. These are quoted on a custom basis.

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Don't fit in the category above?

Maybe you just want "that one more great job" before retiring. Maybe you've been out of your field for a while and want back in, or maybe you're a new professional.

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