Career Consult session for:

Anyone stuck or stalled in their career or job search.


Stuck or stalled in your career or job search? Uncertain about your next career step? A "Career Consult with the Queen" might be just what you need to get unstuck. Take advantage of this session to untie the knots.


Session includes:


A personalized 90-minute hour working session with me, we’ll talk about your work or your job search, and what seems to be making you feel stuck or stalled or unfocused.

I'll listen and ask penetrating questions. I’ll help you identify what exactly is getting in your way. You'll ask questions, get ideas, and see samples of proven job search tools and programs I’ve developed and successfully used over the last 15 years as a Job Search Coach. We’ll talk strategy. Finally, I'll give you materials you can use now and walk you through a sample Value Success Factor© analysis to learn what’s made you successful so far. And we’ll talk next steps.

Because each session is personalized career help, the Consult is designed to work for the leader/senior leader as well as for the new professional. It is for those returning to corporate life or leaving it, or those thinking of making a career change or shift.

You'll finish the session with a sense of "Now I'm getting somewhere!", and with the first steps of a strategy in place.


I definitely felt like the session gave a fresh direction to my job search and have already begun to implement a number of your ideas into my strategy.”

                                                                                                    - Project Manager



Services are via web-based video (Zoom, Skype, etc.), or over the phone.



Cost for the Career Consult session is $197. Some ask “Why isn't it free when many coaches don't charge for an initial session?” It's because the Consult is a working session designed around you. You’ll finish your session with substantial value that's immediately applicable to your search. And in almost all cases, your payment is credited toward a full job campaign program if you go forward with one. 


Contact me today and let’s get started filling the TREASURY OF YOUR LIFE!