Career and Job Search Services

Focus. This is THE #1 thing that potential employers want in candidates. They do not want a menu presented to them: "I do everything, pick one!" Instead, they want to know who you are and what you’ll do for them. Do you make or save money? Make or save time? Solve problems? 

Joanne Meehl works with you to clarify your focus. In all her work with clients, she uncovers your value. She then teaches you how to communicate this value in a way that’s genuine for you. Then she develops marketing strategies customized for you. 

In short, she leads you through the "overwhelm" of job search to your clear goal. 


Services are in person/one-to-one, online, in groups.

Sample services:


These are by the project. They are not by the hour, so that you don't have to worry about the clock ticking, and so that you get everything you need from your work with Joanne. These are quoted on a custom basis. Take a look at the Career Consult with the Queen as a first step.

Thank you, Joanne, for teaching me that I have to show not only what I've done, but its impact, too. An engineer like me needs to do more than just list skills and tools -- I needed to communicate my successes, and now I do. No one can say "So what" to my resume now.

- Senior Software Engineer