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February 2008



Welcome to Between the Trapezes! Often the changes in our lives feel precarious as we are suspended between two certainties. But the frightening moment passes as we bravely go on to the next step -- as we must.

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Just Where Do Companies Find Their Best Employees?

The Care and Feeding of Your Network

Joanne's Move to Minneapolis

How to Order Joanne's Book

Just Where Do Companies Find Their Best Employees?


CareerXRoads, a recruiting consultancy for private industry, publishes an annual Sources of Hire Study. Their consultants analyze how companies find their best people.

The 2006 study has the latest data. Sure, most corporations do find some strong candidates by using popular job boards, and through advertising on the company web site. But the number one source of new employees is current employees. Over 25% of all new employees are referred "in" by those who are employees already.

So what should we take away from this? Certainly, if you're in job search, associate with employed people! Sure, if you're between jobs, network with others who are also between jobs. But hang out with those who have jobs already. Have lunch in their corporate cafes, attend their functions, and by all means, network with them! This is true even if you're employed now and just thinking about what's ahead.

You just never know which of your employed contacts will become your advocate with their manager.

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The Care and Feeding of Your Network

SocializingYour network is the people you've known over the years, both socially and at work. These are the people you start with as you manage your career, whether between jobs or on the job. From there, you move on to meet the networks of those in your network, and so on. How do you best keep your network thriving and alive for you?

First, say "thank you" a lot. Not just with thank-you notes, but with offers to help them. Networking is a two-way street, so be sure to offer connections and knowledge. You are a fellow professional so be prepared to help them, whether or not they're in job search.

Second, if you're between jobs and attend job search networking groups, do not treat your fellow networkers as people you continually complain to, whine to, talk at. This is not a therapy group or your best friends, these are fellow professionals. They are people who will one day land a great job and if all you've ever done is sound like "woe is me", that's how they'll remember you and thus won't pass your resume on within their new companies. So treat them well by listening to them, too, and by giving them ideas.

Third, it's a small world. Word gets around about people who are good to talk with, so make yourself one of them. A client who recently landed, got the job in part because the hiring manager with whom she interviewed once worked for, and still greatly respected, one of her references! So assume one person DOES know another until proven otherwise. It's usually true, even in large metro areas.

Fourth, treat anyone who gives you a boost or helps move your search along in any way. A gift card from Starbucks or Staples or OfficeMax will be a "thank you" that they'll remember, and it's not so expensive that you can't do it.

Last, keep your network informed. You can send them a monthly email, whether it's a newsletter like this or other format, thanking them for their ongoing help and letting them know that you're targeting certain companies. And of course, let them know when you've landed. By doing this, it tells them you are thorough and pay attention to details far more than any resume bullet point can say.

Care for your network and it will take care of you.

Joanne's Move to Minneapolis

Mpls Skyline SmBy the time you read the March issue of this Between the Trapezes eNewsletter, I'll be a resident of Minneapolis. "It's cold there!!" is what the frequent response has been to my telling people where I'm moving, quickly followed by "Why are you moving there?"

The short answer to the question "Why?" is "To be nearer to family", in the form of my stepsons. They are terrific young men and one of them will become a father in July, which is a real thrill for his dad and for me!

Yes, it's cold there for part of the year, especially way up north where they like to set records for cold! Minneapolis isn't as extreme. The story is that it's very difficult to recruit people to the Twin Cities because of the wintry image of Minnesota -- but that once they're there a while, they don't ever want to leave. From what I've learned, the quality of life, exemplified by short commutes, the variety of year-round outdoor activities around the many lakes, the diverse business environment, and the more moderate cost of living, make for a strong hold.

Who do you know there whose brain I can pick about Minneapolis area business and company cultures? I'd sure appreciate networking with them!

So this is an exciting new chapter in a vibrant new place for me. I've taken risks before but have not ever gone so far from my northeast roots. I'll keep you posted on all the changes.

But I can tell you a couple of things that won't change: my love for the Patriots and the Red Sox!

Stay tuned.

How to Order Joanne's Book

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Thought of the Day

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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

Victor Frankl


New word of the month: Greenwashing
What is greenwashing? It's defined as "the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service or technology". And: "the unjustified appropriation of environmental virtue". Sort of a combination of "green" and "whitewash". Now you know.


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