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January 2009


Welcome to Between the Trapezes! Often the changes in our lives feel precarious as we are in that space between two certainties. But taking that chance is what brings success.

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Two "Best Of" Sites for Professionals in Job Search

Focus = Success

Job Search Networking: Face2Face Coming January 15th!

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Two "Best Of" Sites for Professionals in Job Search

ListThinking of scoping out the job market, or are you actively in job search? You could spend a lot of time on the Internet clicking away at the countless sites. But there are a couple of gems out there that are definitely a good use of your time.

Two sites I recommend, which give you a lot of quality information in very short time:
This site's home page has several sections, including one called Layoff Help, and others that list job search news and job search resources. There are links to state one-stop centers and veterans' centers. If you start looking by state, you'll see links to government job listings (state, county, city) and to the area's largest employers. Many, many links connect you to job posting pages that may not appear elsewhere, or are harder to find than they are here.

The Wall Street Journal's is rich with cutting-edge articles about job search today. In a rapidly-changing job market where the news cycle grows shorter all the time, this is the site for the freshest advice for professionals, heavy with quotes based on employer surveys and interviews with hiring managers. Choose the topic and you'll see numerous articles.

A suggestion: when on the Net looking at job search articles and postings, set a timer so that you don't get lost in time. This will also help you set your priorities; print out articles you want to save. And as always, use what you find as the basis for some good networking -- face to face.

Focus = Success

compass3The temptation during a job search is to try to be all things to all people. That shows flexibility, doesn't it, and an eagerness to do what it takes, right?

Actually, no. Employers respond to candidates who know exactly what they -- the candidate -- wants to do. Sure, companies want someone who is flexible enough to pitch in to help the team, but they don't want to hire someone who's all over the field. Each person is hired to do a certain job, and the organization wants it done.

Plus, no one wants to hire someone who will burn out doing work that's not really what they most want to do. Come on -- how long could you keep that up? Employers know how expensive it is to have to fill a position over and over again, and they don't want that expense.

So before you start applying for positions that are not front and center to what you really want to do, ask yourself if it's worth it to go after a job you're not really enthused about. "Getting a paycheck" cannot be your only reason because that will get old quickly. And if by chance you do get hired for such a job, do you really want to spend eight or more hours a day, month after month, at something that doesn't in some way really fire you up and leave you energized, but instead leaves you drained?

So in addition to taking the time to learn what you really want, and focusing in on that, keep in mind what an executive recruiter told me recently. He said that candidates who say "What do you need? I'll fill whatever role you have" end up in long searches, because they are "fuzzy" in their message. But the candidates who say "I want this kind of job in this kind of company with this type of culture", or similar, land a new position quickly. So stay focused.

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Job Search Networking: Face2Face Coming January 15th!

SocializingIt's much easier to do a job search with help. Sometimes it's the help of a coach or counselor, but your search should also include the help of peers. Attending job search networking groups helps keep your message sharp.

Every state has an assortment of job search networking groups for all kinds of job seekers. (, mentioned above, links to many of these.) Check out the ones near you, and attend a few different ones: they each have a different "flavor" and each can help you in different ways.

Face2Face Job Search Networking in Wayzata, Minnesota, is the group that Joanne Meehl will be facilitating two Thursday mornings a month, starting on January 15th. Joanne founded the group in Massachusetts in 2003, and moved it west in 2009. What will you find, if you attend? Plenty of new information about the job search in a competitive job market. Effective networking, and fun meeting your peers there. Great speakers on current topics. And whether the economy is bad or good, a chance to sharpen your focus so that you get noticed by hiring managers. We guarantee this group will add power to your job search. Details are at

Thank You!

Man on trapezeThis was a year during which I was "between the trapezes" as well, with the move to Minnesota. Not only moving house and home, but my business as well. While I work with people all over the country, my clients in Massachusetts and now Minnesota were especially patient with my transition, and for that, I'm very grateful.

I've met so many wonderful people since my move who are now networking connections, and we're helping one another. Thank you for making the transition so much easier!

Thank you to my clients for your trust, and I look forward to working with you in this new year.

--- Joanne

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Joanne Meehl

Thought of the Day:

It's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left.

-- Hubert Humphrey

Tip of the Month:
Networking: A Two-Way Street When networking, understand that you need to offer something to the contact, as well as learning something from them. Who would they like introductions to -- perhaps you know one of them? What are some ways you can help their business? Who's their ideal customer or client? Become known for what you do for other people and networking will be easy for you. _________________________

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