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Between the Trapezes If You're Perfect for the Job, Why Aren't They Calling You?
October 2009


Welcome to Between the Trapezes! That space between two certainties can be unsettling. But taking the leap across is what brings success.

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  • If You're Perfect for the Job, Why Don't They Call You?
  • Landings, and Thank You for your referrals!
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  • If You're Perfect for the Job, Why Don't They Call You?

    The ad sounded like it was written for you. It leapt off the screen, and you immediately double-checked your resume, wrote a good cover letter, and emailed it a day or so later.

    Now here it's a few days later, and you are mystified that you haven't heard from them, other than the usual "Thank you for submitting your resume, we'll be in touch if we're interested in you". You double-check your In folder, and nothing is there. You check your email spam folder and no "Call us!" mail is there. You even have a friend email you to test your email system, and all's fine. So why hasn't the company called?

    This is a common story I hear from people in networking groups and elsewhere: "It was perfect for me, so why aren't they calling?"

    Sure, there are the mechanical things to do that you need to pay attention to: answering the ad quickly, before they cut off submissions (an issue today because of the sheer number of applicants); making sure your resume is accurate and honest and error-free; in the cover email, matching yourself to the open position; making sure your LinkedIn profile is active and not just "parked" there.

    But what the employer is looking for is the person who not only matches the major aspects of the position. They are also looking for the person who communicates to them -- and shows evidence of -- two things:
    - Being very good at what they do, and
    - A proactive involvement in their work and long- term forward commitment to it

    Now most good candidates would say that they possess these two qualities. But are you communicating them?

    "Being very good at what they do" means the employees hired today show their successes in all their communications. They point to accomplishments, and they use metrics when appropriate.

    "A proactive involvement in their work..." means the person has gone out of their way to develop additional skills, even if they were not required by the job. They learned a new programming language, or they learned new project management methodology. They did not wait for the company to pay for the course, they went ahead and paid for it themselves. They show that they keep up with what's new, and they attend professional meetings.

    So if you're doing those good things but not showing them, make some changes in your approach. Then you should see that you're getting noticed, despite the economy and the numbers of competitors you may have.

    Landings, and Thank You for your referrals!
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    Our congratulations to Julie S., who was found by her new employer through network contacts on LinkedIn. Your new employer is so lucky to have you, your knowledge, and your very positive attitude, Julie!

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