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Between the Trapezes Using Twitter to Stay Sharp
May 2010


Welcome to Between the Trapezes! That space between two certainties can be unsettling. But taking the leap across is what brings career success. -- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

  • How You Can Use Twitter to Stay "Career-Fresh"
  • Lots More from Joanne via Social Media
  • How Is That Working For You?

  • How You Can Use Twitter to Stay "Career-Fresh"

    Whether you are IN a good job or are between jobs, Twitter can challenge you to stay up with what's going on in your field. I call it staying "career-fresh".

    What does this mean? In order to post quality tweets, you obviously have to say something tweet-worthy. Meaning, something that's worth reading by others in your field. Original thinking and observations are best; nothing is gained by posting a "me too" comment. So, ... continue reading

    Lots More from Joanne via Social Media

    If you'd like more tips and ideas from Joanne throughout the month, follow her on Twitter for frequent nuggets of info about job search: @jobsearchqueen1

    Joanne is also on Facebook -- check out her totally revamped business page!

    And see her profile and recommendations on LinkedIn

    And see Joanne's blog, The Heart of the Matter ... job search advice with heart.

    How Is That Working For You?
    Joyful woman

    Are you tired of waiting for "something" to happen in your career while watching others land good jobs? Are you ready to take action and land where you should be? Do you want to laugh at the Great Recession? Then consider a Quick Consult with the Queen. Job search and resume queen, that is!

    Here's what one Marketing Manager said about his Quick Consult: "I definitely felt like the session gave a fresh direction to my job search and have already begun to implement a number of your ideas into my strategy."

    Why let more time go by with no salary or a too-low salary? Find out what's right AND what's wrong during a Quick Consult with the Queen. This 1 1/2 to 2-hour session gives you concrete steps to follow for getting unstuck. It also gives you practical insights into what YOU bring a new employer, knowledge about what sets you apart from the crowd of other candidates. The fee is $175 and the results are priceless!

    And if you choose to work with Joanne on these steps, that fee is applicable to any job search project package.

    Joanne Meehl does Quick Consults in person, via Skype, or over the phone. Call or email us today to schedule your session.


    Joanne Meehl

    Thought of the Day:

    Emergencies have always been necessary to progress. It was darkness which produced the lamp. It was fog that produced the compass. It was hunger that drove us to exploration. And it took a depression to teach us the real value of a job.

    -- Victor Hugo


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    Ever since a colleague called Joanne Meehl "The Resume Queen" years ago, and she then trademarked the title, Joanne has worked to live up to the name by constantly keeping her resumes in tune with what employers will read. Since then, she added "The Job Search Queen" (now also trademarked), and uses this title more often, because it better reflects the breadth of her services.


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