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September 2011


Welcome to Between the Trapezes, showing you how you can make your way from one career certainty to the next!

- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

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  • Conquer those Monday morning job search blues
  • Starting new jobs - Congratulations!

  • Conquer those Monday morning job search blues
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    Whether you're IN a job or between jobs, Monday mornings during job search can be tough.

    You could be in a job and can't wait to find a new one. So Monday mornings are a reminder you're still stuck where you are.

    You could be a new grad who's overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start, and each Monday means you're wondering where to begin.

    Or you're between jobs and Monday mornings remind you that there is no office to go to. Especially if you're a manager or executive, your make-it-happen energy has nowhere to land for the day. The sense of loss is profound and can be powerfully dispiriting.

    This is Monday Morning Syndrome. Or the Monday Morning Job Search Blues.

    How to beat the blues? Here are a few ideas.

    Starting new jobs - Congratulations!
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    Congratulations to Terry, Tom, Michael, and Susan, clients who landed great new jobs over the summer! And to Face2Face members Joe, Ian, Lisa, Jim, Connie, Jeff, Bill, Sue, and Steven!

    And check out the NEW free downloads on various pages of Joanne's web site. To use your mobile device to get there, just snap this QR code.


    Joanne Meehl

    Thought of the Day:

    Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it is.

    -- Wally Amos


    One Meeting That Can Impact a Career!
    A Career Consult with the Queen is a 1-to-2-hour session with Joanne Meehl that helps you get unstuck, unstalled, or unconfused -- or all three. You get feedback, possibilities, ideas, and a plan of action, as well as useful materials. It zeroes in on what's working in your search and on what needs fixing. It's $175 and applicable to additional services if you want to do more with us. Available in-office, or via Skype anywhere in the US. For more info, just contact us.


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