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Oct/Nov 2011


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  • Reason #6 of 8 to Use Twitter
  • Energy: Critical to Your Job Search
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  • Reason #6 of 8 to Use Twitter
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    When I talk about using Twitter to boost your career identity and/or your "brand" while in job search, I refer to "8 reasons" to use it.

    Reason #6 of 8 is: Follow your target companies. Why? So that they SEE you!

    Companies as well as individuals get notifications from Twitter that "@MaryJones is now following you". Someone in their Social Media Department is sure to click on your Twitter ID and read your profile. And then add you to a database.

    This way, when they have career news or job openings, they will often alert their followers first.

    What are some other ways you can be more visible to desirable companies?
    - Retweet their tweets. They'll get a notification about this with your ID included, and may even tweet a "TY for the RT" to your ID, for all to see!
    - Tweet links to (positive) articles about the company. They do searches on their company name all the time so they will find your tweet, and note your ID.
    - Use their name in your tweets. Anyone with a Twitter ID gets a notification that they have had a "mention", and who mentioned them.

    Want the other 8 reasons to use Twitter in your career and job search? Attend Joanne's next (free yet excellent!) Twitter webinar and hear them all for yourself.

    Comments after the 10/27 free Twitter webinar:
    - "I'm now convinced to give Twitter a try; it's a serious tool, not just for fun."
    - "Amazing that this can be that powerful. I will now start using it."

    If you're subscribed to this newsletter, you'll automatically get a notice about the next webinar, regardless of topic. If you're not subscribed, be sure to do so here. Don't be left behind!

    Energy: Critical to Your Job Search

    Positive energy attracts people to you, especially in job search.

    Younger candidates usually exude energy. But even some Gen Y or Gen X candidates neglect to show positive energy and thus lose out on the next interview.

    But for older candidates, it's essential to show that spark.

    How do you communicate your energy?

    - LOOK energetic
    Your smile and eye contact -- whether you're in an interview or meeting a networking contact -- are the very first ways you project your energy. Your eyes' focus should be steady and on the other person, not at the ceiling or floor. Once into your meeting, keep your posture straight, not slumping, and lean forward a bit.

    - SOUND energetic
    Your voice volume should be up a notch more than usual. Few things are more annoying to an interviewer than to have to ask a candidate to repeat their responses again and again because they can't hear you. Keep it firm and clear. These are things you can practice ahead of time so that it comes across as "normal" for you, if it isn't already.

    - FEEL energetic -- literally
    It's true: a bad handshake is a real turnoff. There's the limp fish, the finger-pincher, the death grip, the cupped claw -- all bad! Practice this with several people who will tell you the truth about your handshake, and change it if it isn't a good one.

    - FEEL confident -- this communicates your energy for your work more than anything!
    Having success stories to tell the interviewer or network contact will naturally cause your enthusiasm for your work to show -- and that comes across as energetic.

    How do you communicate your energy? Try these tips and you'll be exuding energy that will get you that second interview.

    Use Your Smartphone to Get to JMCS Site
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