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October 2012


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  • 5 ways to deal with poisonous/negative "experts" during your search
  • Joanne, what do I say when they ask me, "Why should we hire YOU?"
  • There's A Guide for That!

  • 5 ways to deal with poisonous/negative "experts" during your search
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    A client I'll call Terri was checking in with me when she mentioned a disheartening conversation she had at a recent social event. A senior person who happened to be in her field told Terri she would not land a job in her field "because they're hiring only younger people for that kind of position", "You don't have enough experience for that title", "Your new certification won't help you", and similar.

    Naturally, Terri was upset. She had been landing interviews and doing her networking, and now this, from someone who is an expert! What should she do?

    Has this happened to you in your search?

    Well, if so, there are five antidotes to this poison....

    Joanne, what do I say when they ask me, "Why should we hire YOU?"
    Group interview

    In interviews, don't "negative sell" by putting down your competition. After all, you're there to convince them YOU are the one for the position. That's your focus.

    You could say something like this: "You must have some very fine candidates. I can only tell you about my background and successes, and these include leadership, transformation and results. For example, in my job at ABC Corp., I saved the company/organization money by leading the department through a tough reorganization where we didn't lose any top-producing people. And at LMN Inc., I added to the revenue by transforming the product line. I am confident I can build similar successes here."

    You can then offer more details if they'd like. Take their lead.

    The key is to always be prepared with your success stories, from a broad phrase or two down to the most finite detail. There is no preparation more important during your search.

    There's A Guide for That!
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