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December 2012


Welcome to Between the Trapezes, showing you how you can make your way from one career certainty to the next!

- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen

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  • Job Search Tech: Your next interview, via Skype
  • The gift that boosts a career, over and over
  • Hug the little ones. In fact, hug *everyone* you love!

  • Job Search Tech: Your next interview, via Skype
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    An employer calls you after finding you on LinkedIn, and you have a good phone interview. Then he says, "I want you to talk to our VP. She uses Skype and will be available on Friday at 9am -- is that good for you?"

    You reply "yes", the call ends, and you gulp: "I've never used Skype". Or you've never used it for an interview, a little different than the video chats with your friend in California.

    There are many web sites (here's one) that will coach you in how to set up an account, and they're worth checking out. You can connect with people over Skype in different ways, but the one we're focusing on here is the popular video chat method.

    Here are some tips for a successful interview via Skype:

    1. Do this now, not a few minutes before the interview: Go to and register to be a user. Create a user ID -- like a tag -- that is appropriate for use in your job search, meaning nothing too cute or personal. Example: mine is joannemeehl.

    2. Be sure your computer has a working, built-in camera; if it does not, you can buy separate cameras for this that will plug into the USB port of your laptop. Don't go too cheap on this external camera or you'll be very blurry to the interviewer.

    3. Get the other person's Skype ID, and give yours, well before the appointed time of your interview. This way, you can enter their ID into your Skype contact list and they can enter you in theirs. This makes connecting at the appointment time almost effortless. You don't want to be fumbling around with this at the last moment, which would cut into your interviewing time.

    4. By clicking on the other person's ID in your list, you'll initiate contact, or they will ring you, depending on what you've arranged. Be ready as soon as the camera light on your computer comes on, which is a second or two before you actually see the other person seeing you. I mention this because you don't want to be redoing your lipstick or picking your teeth just as your image first appears on their computer.

    You'll see their image is larger than the one of yourself in the smaller window on your computer screen. Make sure your camera is pointed at you and not your ceiling or your keyboard!

    Also be sure that no bright lights are coming in over your shoulder or it will not only be very annoying to them, you'll come across as someone who doesn't know how to use today's technology. Also, you will be seen only in profile so they can't see your face: not good!

    5. Practice with a friend before The Big Interview will help you work out any bugs, and give you confidence.

    The employer might instead use Google Hangout or Apple's FaceTime (if you both have Macs or iPads/iPhones), which do the same thing and are also gaining in popularity for use in interviews. Follow the same steps with those for a successful connection AND winning interview!

    The gift that boosts a career, over and over
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    I make available many materials that will give you some coaching, right off the page, at my Ignite Your Job Search Store! And now there are gift certificates for these! Mention this (or forward this newsletter) to family and friends for a gift for yourself, or get one for someone you know who needs a boost in their career or job search.
    Samples: Want to know how to create a target list of employers? There's now a guide for that. Are you a college senior looking for a road map to a great job when you graduate? There's a guide for that, too.
    All are at minimal prices, with a secure connection when you use a credit card to purchase.

    You can even get live coaching time with Joanne here -- at seasonal rates that will more than pay you back when you use what you learn!

    And the gift certificates are personalized for your recipient.

    To get to the Ignite store, just use this link. And while you're at the site, see what else you can read that will help you (the blog, the Trapezes newsletter), or what's free to download.
    See you there!

    Hug the little ones. In fact, hug *everyone* you love!
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    It is difficult to know what to say this year, given the terrible deaths of so many innocent children in Connecticut earlier this month, as well as the loss of those trying to protect them. There are no words to express our horror and sadness. We see the flags at half staff yet again and wonder when such losses will end.

    We can only hope the national mourning offers some measure of peace to the families of those who died. We are one with them.

    Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Solstice remind us there is hope and light after the dark grief. So I wish you the joy of togetherness, the peace of solitude and reflection, and hope for goodness in the new year. And make sure you do a lot of hugging. -- Joanne

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    Joanne Meehl


    Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.

    -- King Whitney, Activist


    Tip of the Month, borrowed from the November issue:
    If your pesky relative at your holiday gathering asks yet again, "Aren't you in a new job yet?", be nice and say, "As a matter of fact, I wanted to talk with you about that...who do you know at ABC Co., where I'd love to be?" Either he'll answer with a name, someone there you can talk with. Or he'll stop asking you the question, because he can't help and doesn't want to look useless. Either way, you win.


    One Meeting That Can Speed Up Your Search!!
    A Career Consult with the Queen is a 1-to-2-hour session with Joanne Meehl that helps the candidate get unstuck, unstalled, or unconfused -- or all three. You get feedback, possibilities, ideas, and a plan of action, as well as useful materials. It zeroes in on what's working in your search and on what needs fixing. In-person or via Skype, it's $175 and applicable to additional services if you want to do more work with Joanne. For more info, just contact Joanne at


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