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October 2013


Welcome to Driving Your Career Starts NOW - The Newsletter, showing you how you can manage your career!

Be in charge of your career and don't wait for someone else to do it for you. Your career funds your life, so no parking allowed: drive it now!

- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen - Celebrating 10 years as a your career choice and job search coach

What's here:
  • How is an RV like your job search?
  • Homemade Apricot Brandy - Recipe

  • How is an RV like your job search?

    I've now taken my very first trip of any kind in an RV. We drove it about 2,000 miles as we explored Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas. I loved the RV and expect to do a trip in one again.

    But as I learned how to "live" for a week in this amazing vehicle, I found myself making comparisons between my learning and that of my newer clients who are learning for the first time about doing "today's" job search.

    1. Because it can take you anywhere there's a road, an RV is the ultimate in freedom.
    Your career is the same thing: it can take you anywhere. So be careful to do a search that gets you to your chosen destination. Have your goals in focus or you'll just be wandering around in a long, sad search.

    2. When one sees how every inch of an RV is designed for maximum efficiency and storage, you... (click link below to continue reading)

    Homemade Apricot Brandy - Recipe

    Why am I sharing a favorite recipe in a career management newsletter? Because for those who do imbibe, it tastes good, and it's warming on the cold nights to come.

    And it makes a great gift.

    If you don't do alcohol, perhaps you can pass this on to friends who do.

    Since it takes 6-8 weeks to "brew", I share it in early October so you can make it in time for the December holidays.

    You can get the apricots fairly easily at Whole Foods or similar. (I've never tried other dried fruits but I'm guessing the recipe will still work.) You can get the rock-type sugar at good candy stores or where they sell baking ingredients.

    1 quart/liter vodka
    1 pound rock candy, the clear type
    (Do not use sugar as a substitute! It's OK to use the type of rock candy that comes on strings as long as you remove the strings later.)
    1 pound dried California (sweet) apricots

    Put all ingredients into a clean, large, airtight container, and stir.
    Place the container where it will be undisturbed for 4-6 weeks or longer. The longer, the better.
    When adequate time has passed, you'll see that the sugar is gone and you have brandy that's a light gold color. It's ready to pour! You can save the apricots and eat them, though they will be pretty, well, potent.

    Before serving, strain with cheesecloth. Makes a great gift when poured into fancy little bottles (Dollar Store or similar) and sealed tightly.

    Enjoy! Just don't have any before an interview or networking meeting, and certainly not before driving.

    JM 10.2012 Sm

    Joanne Meehl


    What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.

    -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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