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March 2014


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- Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen - Celebrating almost 11 years as a your career choice and job search coach

  • "Tell us about yourself..."
  • Don't fall in love during your job search

  • "Tell us about yourself..."
    Group interview

    "Tell us about yourself" is often the first thing an interviewer says to you. Whether face-to-face or on the phone, what exactly do they want to know?

    The person saying "Tell us about yourself" doesn't want to know where you were born or how many kids you have. They want to hear you talk and see how you formulate your thoughts. And they want to hear how you present yourself, especially in relation to the open job.

    Your answer? It's not in a book. It should be customized to the job AND to you. And you can prepare for it beforehand so that it feels and sounds as real as you are.

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    Don't fall in love during your job search
    Joyful woman

    You may have an interview with a company you'd dearly love to work for. And maybe it goes very well -- great!

    But you need to interview with other companies or organizations, and keep moving on. Don't be the job seeker who decides they won't look any further because they want this and only this one company -- so you wait for an offer. Time goes by fast: If the offer doesn't appear, you've just stalled your search by weeks or months.

    So don't fall in love with one company only to get your heart broken. Do the interview, keep in touch with them to express continued interest. But keep after other opportunities and companies. Keep your search going and if the offer from your #1 pick does come in, fantastic!

    Then you can let yourself fall head over heels!

    Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. -- Bill Cosby


    Tip of the Month:
    Put only one phone number on your resume and LinkedIn profile so that recruiters and hiring managers don't have to choose which one to use. And make it your cell phone number so that you get the call as soon as they make it, not hours later when you get home.

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