August 2015


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Company not changing? Escape now! 

When should you leave your current job? There are many reasons that prompt people to update their resumes for a new job search. These are what I call "internal" reasons. One alone may get you moving, or it can be a combination of them:

  • You've accomplished the goals you set out to accomplish when you arrived. What's left to do is no longer fulfilling for you.
  • There's little growth for you or your team. Meaning, there's little change, little challenge. And change must start at the top but you don't see it happening.
  • You feel you are coasting, that you're too comfortable, and you realize that the company or organization is getting too comfortable - coasting with technology, with the market, with customers. Don't be the person who no one will hire because you never learned the latest tool or methodology or thinking - get out and get where you will be challenged.
  • You cannot live with how things have changed. Here's an array of negatives to run screaming from: A new (bad) manager, a layoff that has left survivors like you dispirited, the company's new owners aren't looking for ideas from you, a "We've never done it that way here" culture is forming, ethics and integrity are now questionable, the best leaders are leaving. These are all danger signs. If you think you can put up with them, you're only signing up for heartache. Instead, leave.

So don't ignore what you are feeling and seeing. Don't wish that you could go backward: to grow, you must go forward. Since it IS easier to get hired if you're already working, start getting ready for your search, now. Get out while it's still good or pretty good. Advocate for your career.


Thinking of starting a job search? Do it the right way.


Save Your Interview

From the archives, a classic:

Most of the time, job candidates fear 
they will blow the interview. But what happens if the 
employer doesn't know how to do an interview? 

A few weeks ago, a client I'll call Paul was called by the recruiter at a technology company he had targeted. He'd applied for a great job there, and now the recruiter scheduled a face-to-face interview with Paul, arranging to have him meet with some key people at the company. 


The first interview was with two analysts who would be peers to Paul. Their opinions would be key to the hiring decision. As the recruiter left the room, ... [continue reading]


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It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.  


      - e. e. cummings


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