October 2016

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The election is right around the corner, and for most Americans, it can't come soon enough given the tumultuous nature of many campaigns. To screen out a lot of the noise, literally, I mute all political ads as they come on the TV screen. And I've limited my news-viewing and news-listening time, including social media. Last, I make a game out of NOT clicking on tempting links, and it usually works. Give any of these a try!

Whatever you believe, vote so that your opinions are actually counted

And see the article below on doing an interview with a company president. Whether you're looking for an on-staff position, or want a consulting contract, seeing things the way the company leader sees them will help you succeed in this vital meeting.

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Your Interview with the President

The president of a company, that is.

You've had a few interviews at Super Startup, Inc., or Helping The Community NonProfit, and now they want you to meet with the president, Jill Jones. Why?

For one, they like you and may be involving her because they want her stamp of approval on their decision. Two, they like you as a prospective co-worker and they just plain trust her judgment and will follow her lead. Three, they like you and it could just be their policy to involve her.  

So should you treat this interview any differently? In most ways, not really: the "presidential" interview is no different in that you have to tell your Problem-Action-Result stories to illustrate why they need YOU. Your strengths, for example, include solving problems and making clients happy, and you have the stories to prove it. By the way, this is the same approach if you are a consultant seeking a gig with the company. 

But where it IS different is that company presidents look at the company as a whole. And they highly value the teams they've put in place. 

So mention what impresses you about the company and the people and their mission. Those are the things she will want to know over and above your strengths and successes.

Relish your interview with the top person in the company. If they say "This is the person for the job", you're in!
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Are salutations a thing of the past?

How do you start a letter or email when you don't know the name of the recipient, as in a cover email for a resume? Some weak examples: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen (too formal), Dear Sirs (sexist thus out of date!), To whom it may concern (too "legal").

I'd suggest instead, for most emails, "Good Day" or "Hello". 

And a few of my sources say that today, no salutation is needed. Just skip it and go straight into the first paragraph of your email or letter. Whoa!

Today, the workplace is just more casual than years ago, so "Good Day" or "Hello" are fine. And if you're OK with skipping it altogether, do it.
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- Eckhart Tolle

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