September 2016

Welcome to the September Driving Your Career Starts NOW/The Newsletter, showing you how you can direct your job search, manage your career, and even start out as a consultant.

Labor Day and "Back to School" has meaning for all ages in our culture: An ending yet a beginning. Fresh starts, new hopes, potential to be explored. 

As a gardener nearing the end of the summer growing season, I'm already thinking about what to do next year based on what thrived on my roof deck garden this summer (certain tomatoes, lettuce, perennials) and what didn't (alas, the cucumbers!). 

Instead of buying new school notebooks for yourself, are you instead thinking that it's time to go off on your own as a consultant? Or to be interviewing by November so you can start your new job in December (yes, they hire in December!) or January? 

Something else new here: video files, not of me but of some great material, that walk you through a job search tip. Yes, they're mobile-friendly. Check out the link below!

And check out our other exciting news, like our new office location in Maple Grove. We're still online nationwide, of course.

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[Video] Without this section on your resume or in LinkedIn, you won't be seen --

-- whether you're in job search OR if you're a consultant talking with prospects. 

Watch this 8-min video (mobile-friendly) by Joanne to learn about that section of your resume -- or your LinkedIn profile -- that if it's not there, you will likely be overlooked. Making this one change will make an immediate difference in your search. Plus, you'll get to hear remnants of my New York accent! ;) 

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Q: "If I'm a consultant with my own business, why do I need a resume?"

That's a question I was asked by a client already on the path to building his own consultancy. He'd already founded his fledgling company but he was going in many directions at once, trying to be all things to all clients. He came to me because of that, which was exhausting him. And he realized that meeting with prospects was so similar to having job interviews, and he wasn't good with them because he felt unfocused. So he said, "Why are we starting with the resume? No one has ever asked me for one." 

Answer:  At some point, someone at your target organization who's at the C level or is on the Board is going to ask, "Who IS this guy, why should we pay him $200+ per hour?!" A good resume will answer that question far better than any brochure can. Because if it's good, it's proof the consultant is good.

Here is an even bigger reasons: The process I take clients through, to build and re-create their resume, compels them to prioritize and focus on their best product or service, the one they love to provide. This ensures a much higher level of success.

When this same client went through my resume creation process, he clarified and prioritized. He wrote his best success stories, which he could now tell in his meetings with prospects. He also used them to write articles on LinkedIn, and that began to attract clients. He told me "Now I get it. If I hadn't gone through that resume process, I'd still be offering everything to everyone -- and would go broke". 
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People tell you the world looks a certain way. Parents tell you how to think. Schools tell you how to think. TV. Religion. 
And then at a certain point, if you're lucky, you realize you can make up your own mind. Nobody sets the rules but you. 
You can design
your own life.

- Carrie-Anne Moss, Action-movie actress 

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Your Career Is the Treasury of Your Life 
         - Joanne Meehl

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