July-August 2017

Welcome to the Summer 2017 Treasury showing you how you can direct your job search, manage your career, and even start work as a consultant -- with content you can use now.

High summer
It's that time of year when even here in northern climes, we can fool ourselves into thinking it's always like this -- long days, green trees and lawns, near-daily outings to the beach or lake, day trips to someplace you've always wanted to visit, endless s'mores. But alas, we know it's not for forever, so enjoy the rest of the summer where you are!
And if the quieter moments of summer make you think about what you'd rather be doing with your career, one thing you can do to help yourself is to sketch out your "ideal job" by jotting down what you want AND don't want in your next role. You deserve to get more of what YOU want!

         - Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen -
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That bad job: "I felt it in the pit of my stomach..." 
Several years ago, a client I'll call Brian arrived at his interview at a company, after being asked in to meet the CEO. He'd had a few good phone interviews for a new management role and was excited to take this next step.

As soon as he was ushered into the main work area of the company and saw the harried and anxious faces of other managers, those who'd be his coworkers, his heart sank. No one looked happy to be there. Uh oh.

His fears were deepened when he met the CEO who then took him on a tour. The people who saw them coming almost ran to hide. Their faces now showed fear.

And he soon saw why: the CEO barked at various workers, and didn't hesitate to demean them and threaten them with getting fired. Brian was horrified and knew that sick feeling in his gut would not go away. Now that he'd seen the inner workings of the place and knew he'd never want to work there, he couldn't fake a good interview, so he withdrew as a candidate. 

So often candidates will confess, "I got a weird vibe" or "It just didn't feel right" when they interview or visit a company. They can't put their finger on it but the feeling is real and it's strong. Pay attention to this and listen to it. No one I know who has felt this lousy feeling about a job or company, and ignored it to take the job, ever ended up happy, and left the job after only a short time.

Your gut's giving you a strong message -- listen to it and you'll do well -- way better than if you don't. 
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Consultant, Forecast Thy Income 
If you want to launch your consulting business, it's vital that you map out your income. How to do this? Simple math. 

First, decide what your goal is. Then: Determine how many consulting assignments, and at what fee, you need to do per month -- while deducting costs -- to add up to this goal amount. That tells you how many "gigs" you'll need to reach your goal. 

Doing this simple yet powerful exercise will tell you if this career direction is a financial fit for you.

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The best index to a person's character is
first, how he treats people who can't do him any good, and next, how he treats people who can't fight back.
- Abigail van Buren, 
aka "Dear Abby"

Your career is the treasury of your life.
         Joanne Meehl

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