May 2017

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It's late spring now and time to celebrate -- we just had Mother's Day, and now it's on to weddings, reunions, graduations, as well as long holiday weekends away and vacations. Summer is almost here so plan some time off. But keep the job search going, for the good reasons listed in the article below. 

 You are worth doing the work you love!

         - Joanne Meehl, aka The Job Search Queen -
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Why do they 
want my references already?
"I've barely just started talking with the recruiter but she wants my references already. I thought that came much later. Is this OK?"

There are career advisors who urge that candidates hold off on giving references' names until deep into the process. They fear the recruiter might be seeking additional candidates, for example, and "using" your references as such. Or even asking your references to nominate other candidates. 

I don't think most recruiters have underhanded reasons for asking up front for references. And in fact, there is a good reason (for you): ... [continue reading here]

It's summer so keep your job search in high gear (really?!)
Summer: a time to slack off your job search, right? After all, so many hiring managers are on vacation or are too shorthanded to do any hiring, yes?

Actually, no: Summer is a good time to look AND keep looking, if... [continue reading here]
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Congratulations, new grads! 

Speaking of graduations, our 
congratulations go out to all the new college grads. You made many friends in the last 4 years, you stretched yourself, developed strengths, had disappointments, took on responsibility, had fun, and learned so much. Job well done! And now welcome to the real world -- we need your talents, skills and energy! names Joanne to Panel of Experts

Joanne Meehl has been named to the Panel of Experts at, a web hub "helping college and university students and recent grads find great internships, entry-level jobs, and careers". The site gets 100K visitors/day.
Joanne is the Resume Expert on the panel. "I'm delighted to join other career/job search leaders who focus on topics such as LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, and others, in helping students start their careers!" 

Last month, Joanne was featured in videos on the site, talking with's Anna Peters about
resume mistakes to avoid. This month, Joanne's on their blog, commenting about how to land a great summer internship. Read here.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts 
of today. 

- Franklin Roosevelt

"Your career is the treasury of your life" 
         - Joanne Meehl

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