June 2018

Here's the June 2018 Treasury showing you how you can direct your job search, and manage your career -- with content that you can use now.

Welcome summer! After a tough winter in many northern locations, many are welcoming the heat and even the humidity. 

Why do organizations hire someone? Simple: They have a problem to solve, one that's so worth solving that they will pay money to do so. How will you earn for them what they'll pay you? That's what our lead article is about.   

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"But my education and experience
qualify me..."
 ...so why aren't they calling?", the candidate asked me. 

He added: "I don't know why I'm not getting any offers...I have the right education and 20 years of experience!"

I hear this from a variety of candidates but particularly from those whose family culture prizes a lot of education as well as high-status job titles. In some parts of the world, that's all you need.

The culture in North America today, however, requires something beyond Education and Experience: hiring managers (and recruiters) want to know a lot more about what you have DONE with your education and experience that would help their company now.

So be prepared to tell them how you have done at least one of these before AND can do it now for them:
  • Make or save money
  • Make or save time
  • Solve problems  
THIS is what they'll listen to, over education and experience. And what they hire for.


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How will you pay your own salary? 

Companies (and non-profits) don't hire people just for fun, or on a whim. Each employee must bring in more than what they cost.

A client was a Director of Operations in the marketing division of his company, and was going for Director of Marketing at a larger company.  

One of the things he did very well on his resume and LinkedIn profile was to tie together what he did in Marketing to the company's increase in sales. "That's why Marketing exists, isn't it?!" he said. Absolutely.

In other words, the budget he invested in marketing activities online and in print form came back to the company in increased sales. Add the cost of his salary to the cost of marketing -- but because he was good at his job, that output of funds came back 2-3 times more in sales.

So what he was paid, was a "wash"; meaning, it ended up being way less than what he was generating. 

Communicating that you can "pay your own salary" is essential -- in your resume, LinkedIn profile and stories, and while networking. Showing your impact in revenue generated (or saved) will mean what they pay you will seem small in comparison. 

So be sure to articulate the payback of bringing you on board, so that you are the one they hire.

In one hour, Joanne can lead you through your LinkedIn profile line by line to get you to stand out and get found. For way less than you'd think.

secret of all triumphs." 
           - Victor Hugo

Your career is the treasury of your life.
         Joanne Meehl

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