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Between the Trapezes

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May 2020

Think of how much everything has changed since, say, February.

The loss of jobs in the last 60 days has been astounding, and not in a good way.

Having done this work over much of the last 30 years, career strategists like myself could always see a slowdown coming. The economic indicators, the dribble of layoffs becoming more constant over time, similar. Until it was s l o w.

But to have this number of job cuts in this short a time? Unheard of.

The temptation is to freeze, stop, withdraw. I understand. I talk to candidates every day and even in booming times, it takes a certain amount of energy to do a search.

So do something with that check the US has sent you: hire a coach. I don’t care if it’s not me, hire someone who can help you steer your path by partnering with you to update your resume, to upgrade the quality of your LinkedIn profile, cheer you on, and all the rest. This is because NOW is the time - during this lull - that my smartest clients are getting ready to search. Right now, I’m busy helping numerous people update their resume, upgrade their LinkedIn, interview prep, you name it.

I’m optimistic that the upturn will be faster than economic experts are predicting, mainly because we will all be ready for "up" times, and we will make it happen.

So get some help (see my no-charge offer below) and when things unfreeze, YOU will be ready AND competitive.


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Treat yourself well, especially right now:
Don’t Do This Live One-Way Interview
What is a "one-way" interview?

Today, there are all kinds of ways to do an interview. Many of these came into being even before the pandemic forced us all on Zoom and GoToMeeting and FaceTime.

By now, you’ve probably heard about, and experienced, a video interview. These come in different forms. There’s the  two-way interview  where in real time, you the candidate are talking with the hiring manager. Just like an in-person interview, you ask each other questions and learn if you want to go on to another interview. Right now, these are the only interviews taking place at most companies, as opposed to "in person". This arrangement gives each party an equal chance to communicate.

THEN there are one-way video interviews

One-Way Video Interview Type #1
I've written about this one before: This is the interview that’s online and records your responses using the camera on your computer. They give you a few trial questions, then real questions, giving you time to think about your answer, then gives you time to record your answer, then gives another question and time to think about it, records that answer, and so on. 

An advantage to the company doing an interview this way is that all its decision-makers get to see the same candidate interview, wherever they are, whenever they can stream the interview. 

An advantage to the candidate in using this method is s/he is well-briefed on the process and is given a chance to think and prepare, which introduces fairness into the process. So I have no problem with this style of “one-way interview”. HireVue and SparkHire are two companies who provide this platform.

One-Way Video Interview Type #2 - run away!
In  this  interview, imagine you’re on one side of the camera, at your computer, answering live interview questions from a live team at the company that’s set up a live video interview. You login, and you’re ON. But you can’t see the team, you don’t know who they are (they don’t introduce themselves nor are you given their names), and you can’t see their reactions when you answer questions. 

Whoever dreamed up  this  style video interview on behalf of their company is a heartless manipulator. It puts the candidate in a distinctly powerless position: It’s as if the company is saying “We know your name and have seen your resume but you don’t know who we are, what we do, or what we really expect from you, heh heh heh.”

I think these are awful and it says volumes about the culture of the company who would use this method: So run away screaming, or you will be working for a feudal lord who thinks s/he can make you do anything they want. Cross this company off your target company list!

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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

When doing networking sessions via computer (or interviews), put your computer (or iPad or phone) at EYE level, not on the desk (like in the photo above!). This way, you’re looking eye-to-eye, not the viewer looking at your ceiling or up your nose! Looking right into the camera lens is the best practice.

Thought for the Month

Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart, they are actually falling into place.
-- Source unknown
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