Between the Trapezes - On Job Search! | June 2021
Between the Trapezes

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June 2021

Summer’s here!

Last year, to many people it seemed like we had no summer because of the pandemic, so this summer is being welcomed with a vengeance!

Whether you’re spending your vacation time in your backyard (congrats on having a great back yard!) or up north or at the beach or at the lake, enjoy your time off, even if you are in a job search. You need to refresh, recharge.

If you ARE in job search, read the article below for tips on doing a summer job search. Don't stop your search - keep it going!

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Happy summer!
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Doing a smart summer job search
If you’re in a job search, especially if it’s a long one, you’ll be tempted to think that summer is sort of a waste, as far as job search goes. Isn’t everyone out on vacation, especially now that pandemic numbers are down, mask use isn't as mandatory and most people have had their shots?

Sure, some people are not at work because of vacations, and that can extend the already lengthy decision-making process at various companies. But there’s still less business travel happening, and gatekeepers are away -- all the more reason for you to keep up your search activities such as networking.

Some key reasons to keep at it right now:

  • There will be many more functions and parties and reunions this summer, not to mention cookouts and other events to make up for none last summer – great chances to not only have fun but to network. All networking is, is talking and listening and forging a connection by helping one another.
  • Summer makes people a bit more laid back and approachable, which makes it easier for you to call new network contacts or to network
  • Job seekers report that recruiters’ schedules are a bit less booked despite the fact that they usually place many people in the summer – in other words, they will more readily see you or network with you
  • Other, less-informed job seekers are slacking off, so there’s less competition
  • If you do little or nothing, it will not feel as good – you’ll feel as if you’re on the sidelines
  •  If you do nothing, you won’t have anything in the “pipeline” for September if you haven’t landed by then. Why not “hit the ground running” in September?

Remember: 1) Always have business cards on hand when you go to any in-person event, and 2) keep your LinkedIn profile cued up on your smartphone so you can share it with your contact. And 3) dress in such a way that if you’re asked on the spot to answer some interview questions, you’re comfortable doing so, whether it is in person or via Zoom.

At social functions, don’t overdo the alcohol or you may be remembered for some rather negative reasons….

Avoid getting sidetracked by “honey-do” lists (which can affect everyone!). While these are things that could be important, are they more important than your career? Doesn’t your career fund your life? So isn’t it to your benefit –- and your family’s benefit -- to land sooner? This will be easier to achieve by keeping up your activity. Your lawn will do just fine if it’s not perfect.

If you’re at the cabin for long weekends, be sure to schedule adequate job search time between weekends or your search will go into stall.

In short, keep up your activity, even when it’s 90 degrees and you don’t feel like it. Your competition may be at the beach but YOU will be doing something to land that great job!


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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

"WHERE is their email?" You’ve been waiting and waiting, yet that target company has not sent they email they promised, and they didn’t seem like the kind who would ghost a candidate. What's going on?

Answer: When was the last time you checked your spam folder or junk mail box on your computer (or other device)?

A company’s email tags may not be recognized by your email system, so your Gmail or other mail puts that mail in your junk mail box. And there you are, still waiting for that mail, when there it is, for days, in junk mail.

So make it a daily habit -- I recommend twice a day, at least -- especially during job search, to check your junk email. You never know what may be there, waiting for you to open it, with very important contents.

Thought for the Month

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