Between the Trapezes - On Job Search! | February 2022
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February 2022

Human Resources is on notice.

Meaning: the HR department has to change things now that employees have defined the new way of working. Yes, that is what’s happened during the pandemic. So at least for now, HR is paying more attention to what employees want.

Yours truly just received an invitation via LinkedIn to apply for a job in technical writing, something I did for a short while 20 years ago! And not since. This is an indicator of a field that needs more candidates - because companies are trying to get vital, hard-to-find IT workers away from jobs that others can do.
While job hunters may believe they are totally in control right now, there are still challenges in the job search.

The biggest challenge for job hunters is a classic one, regardless of the hiring picture or the state of the economy: finding that job that’s great at a company that’s great and which is a FIT for you.


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Design Your Next Job!

But have you thought about doing the opposite: "designing" the perfect job for you, then seeing who out there actually has it? (or who will create it for you?) It's a subtle but powerful difference in approach. By using this method, YOU are setting the standards for your next job, it's not someone else's definition.

How to design that ideal job? Start by jotting down some parameters around tasks you'd most like to carry out, the skills and assets you most want to use (and develop), the people you want to work with, the environment in which you'd most like to work, the kind of management that makes your flourish. You'll come up with a profile of sorts. 

Then, do the work: Go to your network contacts and ask about companies or organizations that fit that profile. Use LinkedIn (the Company and People buttons) and Google or other search engine, as well as company review sites like (keep the gripers in perspective, though). And just do searches on "reviews of ABC Company". 

Then see if they have a need. Notice that I did not say "see if they have an opening". Companies don't always post openings on their websites anyway; they may be trying TikTok this week or good ol' Twitter. More than likely they are asking their best employees for nominations: "Who do you know who might fit this new role?" See how talking to people "inside" helps you?

You can start with what YOU want! Then as you network, you'll learn "what the world will let you have". Doing it this way makes your search less stressful, and will get you closer to your goal -- the company that has the job for you -- a goal you deserve.


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