Your Career Is The Treasury of Your Life - news! | January 2020
Your Career Treasury

"Your career is the treasury of your life" - Joanne Meehl

A new year = a new start

Yes, it really is. No exaggeration. There’s something satisfying about a new calendar: All those fresh pages, if it’s paper. All those open cells, if it’s on your screen. The promise, the potential!

Is this the year you finally leave that job that never seems to take you anywhere, never seems to get you to grow? I’m here to say DO IT. You deserve promise, potential, growth. Read more below about how to get started.

November POLL QUESTION, answered
In November, we asked "Does 'getting in the door' of a target company with a so-so job really lead to a better job there? Have you done so?"

Thank you for your answers:

-- "Yes, and it worked": 39%
-- "No, haven’t tried that": 61%
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How to Launch a Job Search
The First 3 Steps

Whether you’re a senior exec, a seasoned mid-level manager or contributor, or brand-new professional, it’s always good to scope out the territory for your next career step. Most people want to stay in their current   career  but want a new or better job. 

Steps to take to begin your job search – before even touching your computer keyboard:

1. Know thyself:  Do an “inventory” of yourself: Your values, interests, personality, skills. 
It’s 2020 now -- WHO ARE YOU  today?
Think about what you’re most interested in, in your work – what drives you, what stimulates you, what makes you forget about time! Write these things down. And the other side as well: what makes you miserable, and what do you want  less  of. Note those, and commit to staying away from jobs that have a lot of these things in them.

The biggest complaint I hear from recruiters about candidates:   “Candidate A couldn’t tell me what gets her to perform her best, what she wants to do the most, or even what motivates her. She doesn’t know herself very well. Candidates B, C, and D  can  tell me.”  So it’s worth it to take this time  up front  to review who you are, AND word it so that in your resume AND in the interview, it's authentic for you.

Know thyself: It’s old advice but it’s the best place to start.

2. What success stories can you tell that will  prove  you can do the new job?
Think about your last 3-5 years in particular:
Jot down each story using this outline, “P-A-R”: P roblem,  A ction,  R esult. The result = your positive impact, particularly if it helped company profits or revenues. Now edit the story down to 1-2 lines, and that will not only become a bullet item on your resume, you’ll tell the story in 30 seconds or less while networking or in interviews.

3. Do your research
Who’s got your desired kind of job NOW, and what can they tell you about it? Would you be in demand?
Talk to people you already know in your network, and use LinkedIn to meet new people in the very kind of job that interests you. This is how you’ll learn what’s going on in your field today.  

A Final Word:
Once you’ve done these three steps and know far more about you in your new search, THEN you can hit the keyboard to do your new resume and your new LinkedIn profile -- you need both today!


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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

Don’t use tables in your resume

Tables in a resume can make the Applicant Tracking System reading them do a big hiccup. Which might make your whole resume get rejected by the ATS because it can’t read the code behind the table, showing the reader only the first column of the resume, for example - not good!

Best solution: Make a short paragraph of the cell contents, separating each item from the next with a vertical bar often called "the pipe key".

Even better: Network, don’t depend on your resume during your search!
Thought for the Month

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. 

Augusta Kantra, Therapist
(quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln}

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