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Between the Trapezes

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July 2020

Since our last issue,
it's as if there's been a huge national teach-in. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, as you can see in this month's Thought of the Month below, a new idea expands our view, permanently .

The recent tragedies and what we've learned since, however painful, show us times are changing, I believe mostly for the better. And change is uncomfortable, even if you welcome it.

But here I want to reiterate that I -- and any associates in my field who I team with -- help clients of any color, any faith (or none), any background...because my mission is to help everyone lead a better life by landing the job you are after.

Along the way, I help candidates avoid the pitfalls of bad advice which there is too much of, in job search circles. It's my mission to look back on my life and say, "I helped people who really, really needed it, I helped them lead better lives".

So get some help, whether it's from someone else or from me (see my no-charge offer to the right) and when hiring increases, and it will, YOU will be ready AND competitive.



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Are you "capable of" it,
OR can you DO it?
If you can do it, then say so. Employers want to know that.

It was said about Superman, “Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!”. Then we’d see Superman leap into the sky to fly off where he’d save the day.

So it seems like a good phrase, this “able to…”, on a resume. Or “capable of…”. You then would finish the line with a skill or “capability” you have.

Actually, no!

I strongly urge my clients to not use either. I don’t think either is a good phrase because either one sounds like a weak promise. “I'm able to reduce costs” sounds like “I can do it though I haven’t before…”, or “I think I can do it…”, or “I can try”, instead of “I do it all the time, here’s the evidence, and can do it for you.” Now that’s confidence and giving proof, not empty bragging. And not being too modest. Being too modest in this current job market will not distinguish you. So clean up your language.

And “capable of” sounds more like “I have the potential to…” or “I think I’d be good at it.” If you can do it, say so. Or as I often ask clients --

Are you ABLE to do it, or do you actually DO it?

If you DO it, say it this way:

·        Capable of saving Saves Operations budget 11% per quarter
·        Able to manage Manages diverse team of high performers
·        Capable of increasing Increases sales by 23%-40% year over year

See the difference?

Another reason to say it right: Today, resumes and profiles are being read so fast by recruiters and hiring teams, that you don’t want to miss any opportunity to grab their attention about how effective you are. Do it with clear, accurate, powerful language. Don’t make weak promises; instead, say you’re good at it and show proof.

Yes, they said it about Superman. But then he immediately proved his point by showing it. Today, showing it from the start, is what employers want to see. So help them see it by making these changes in your resume.


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This month’s Tip from Joanne:

The fewer, more powerful words the better, at any time but especially in job search.

For example:
Old: "I am skilled in developing strong sales teams..."
New and better: "I develop strong sales teams..."

Don’t create fog -- instead, create clarity and certainty. 

You are worth it! 

Thought for the Month

One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes
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