Welcome to Face2Face!

The job search and networking group for manager/director/VP-level professionals, the next generation of leaders -- and those who aspire to be at that level. We meet in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro, in Maple Grove, in the northwestern, fast-growing portion of the metro area.

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This is Face2Face 3.0: The culture

At Face2Face (F2F), Directors, managers, Regional Managers, General Managers, VPs, and those aiming for this level look forward. And practice the “give and gain” philosophy of networking. You'll make connections AND enjoy speaking well of your career accomplishments – you have them and we'll help you talk about them.

Talking about what you do well in your job isn't "bragging" – instead, today it's how you inform and establish credibility with contacts, and in interviews! Why hide your gifts when some lucky employer out there needs them, and will hire you if you just let them know about you? 

Give and Get©

This segment of the meeting enables all attending to share with all others in the room their goal, their specific “ask”, their successes, and what they can offer others. It’s highly interactive and very effective in you leaving the meeting with new, meaningful contacts.

Who's Here

Directors, managers, Regional Managers, General Managers, VPs, and those aiming for this level, in all functional areas and industries, are welcome whether between jobs or in a job.

Most attendees are between jobs/"between successes" (some say “in transition”). But you are also welcome to attend if you were a member and are now in a job but want to “pay it forward” by helping those in search now, or are at this level in a job and just want to help others there. Think of this as a gathering of those in the middle tier of most companies.

Today, It’s Social

In-person networking is vital in uncovering that "hidden" job market out there that yields over 60%-80% of job-landing stories we've heard for the last 10+ years. We have a Member Database available to members only (as of late summer/early fall 2017). We regularly have mini segments during meetings that help you learn, for example, how to do an even smarter job search or about new skills for your next job.

Face2Face Mission

Face2Face is run for the purpose of helping you get a new job more quickly and with less pain. It is an independent group, non-religious group which gives you a regular opportunity to:

  • help you make lucrative connections and meet others who may know employers who need you
  • enhance your attitude so that you tell your new and positive story
  • help you embrace your new future and the reality of change
  • help you say goodbye to victimhood and get over other hurdles
  • stay up-to-the-minute with your job search skills
  • help you maintain your motivation and focus during your job search
  • provide a positive place for networking not only between jobs but while in a job, and a place to pay it forward to peers 

Meeting Dates and Agenda

We meet the FIRST THURSDAY of every month except July 2018, 10:30am-12:30pm. Here are the upcoming dates. Speakers will be announced in this space before each meeting.


Our next meeting is Thursday, August 2nd. 

FEE: $10.00

LOCATION: Maple Grove Community Center (see map/directions further down the page), Room 133



Give & Get Networking makes up the first hour or so of the meeting -- You will get to know in greater depth more people in the room than just by doing 30-second commercials, and thus make many more helpful connections.

Second half of meeting: Preparing For Your Next Job Interview - featuring George Dow , Executive Career Transition Consultant 

We’re delighted that George Dow will be with us in August. You will learn about the 8 ways you will be evaluated in a job interview, and how to make a great impression in each of these areas of consideration.  You will also learn the 5 stages of the interviewing process so that you will know what is coming and what is expected from you. Finally, you will learn the 3 critical factors in successful negotiations.

George Dow is an executive career transition consultant in private practice, serving Director to CEO level clients.  Prior to this, George spent 21 years as Vice President of Executive Career Transition Consulting at Right Management, a global career transition and organizational consulting firm. His focus is on assisting his clients with career assessment, identification of options and coaching to achieve their desired outcomes, both professionally and personally.


Meetings coming up in 2018:

August 2

September 6

October 4

November 1

December 6

and more...

A typical Face2Face meeting:

10:15am – Doors open, Sign-in, refreshments, and informal networking

10:30am – Meeting starts. Orientation, announcements

10:45 – 11:30 – Give and Get Networking

11:30am – 11:45am - Regroup

11:45am – 12:25pm - Panel/Guest Speaker/Open Forum

12:25pm – 12:30pm - Wrap-up and ending quote

If we have a special program, this format may change.

Your Facilitators

The meetings are facilitated by Joanne Meehl, MS, IJCDC and Wes Roper of WTR Consulting; this is their commitment to community service. Joanne is a career strategy and job search coach with successes in corporate outplacement roles with Lee Hecht Harrison in Massachusetts, as well as in Network Technology Sales for Xerox, and Marketing Manager for an education company.  She is a Forbes.com Coaches Council member and contributor. Over her career, she’s been laid off twice herself, and has landed new positions through networking 4 times. Wes, who has his MBA from the University of St. Thomas, is a former engineer and Engineering Manager with Honeywell Aerospace. He is a networking guru who also helps people match with and choose businesses they may decide to buy.

For more information about Face2Face, please use the form below and you’ll get a reply.

Get connected

LinkedIn: Anyone can join the moderated Face2Face group on LinkedIn. Here, you can start or participate in discussions and comment threads. Just log on to LinkedIn, and Click on "Join this group", and you'll be a member. 

On Facebook, go here to Like us and to contribute to discussions. There is also a Yahoo Groups group for regular email; you are added to this once you complete the registration form at one of our in-person meetings. 


Joanne Meehl founded Face2Face, a job search networking group for professionals in central Massachusetts, in 2003. The area had experienced tremendous growth in the late 1990s and needed this service. This group met until early 2008, when Joanne moved to Minnesota with her husband to be closer to family. She moved her career coaching business and Face2Face as well.

In January of 2009, Joanne launched Face2Face for professionals in job search in the Minneapolis metro area because there was a need for this kind of format and group culture.

The group changed to the current format in 2017 with more of a focus on “the next generation of leaders”, and those aspiring to be leaders, because of the need to provide this group with networking opportunities particularly in the fast-growing western suburbs.

Face2Face is an organization owned by Joanne Meehl Career Services . Joanne says, “I believe that when people gather in groups, that there’s far more energy and ability to help one another than trying to go it alone. And I think there’s got to be a place where the emphasis is on actions that job hunters can take to land sooner. That’s why Face2Face exists."

Location and directions

Face2Face meets in Maple Grove at the city’s Community Center the first Thursday of every month but be sure to confirm this by checking the dates on this page. 

Maple Grove Community Center - See map: bit.ly/MapleGroveCCMap

12951 Weaver Lake Road

Maple Grove, MN 55369

Although we meet at the Community Center, please do not contact the Center with questions about the group. Instead, use the F2F contact form on this page.


If the Maple Grove Community Center is closed due to bad weather the morning of our meeting, we will not meet that day. 


Reaching Face2Face

You may reach us by email using the form below. 

  • Found Us Where?

Gaining Access to the Face2Face Database (Registered Members Only*)

Welcome to the Face2Face database! Use this database to find fellow members who were/are at a company in which you have interest, so you can contact them. This means you’ll learn how you can help them as they help you

You’ll need to establish a profile at the Face2Face site; this is for additional security. Please keep track of your login information as we do not have any way of looking up forgotten passwords, etc. Thanks.

You can search by several criteria; just click on the magnifying glass symbol in each column to search by that criteria. To log out of the database, just click the logout button at the top of the website.

Please note that none of the info in the database is copy-able. This is for added security.  Instead, please take careful notes of the person’s contact information so that you can reach them.  

To use the database, you need to be a registered member of Face2Face. *To become a registered member, please attend a Face2Face meeting​ (see above for our meeting schedule) and complete a registration form. Only those who are registered AND active on the email list(s) can access the database. 

Please respect other members’ time; for example, do not expect them to shop your resume around in their company, but instead strive to help them as much as they help you. And no selling or mass emails, please. 

Also, if you unsubscribe from the mailing list, it will be interpreted that you no longer want to help other members and thus will no longer have access to the database. Our members are a rich resource of help to one another and as member numbers grow, you will likely enjoy helping others as much as they help you! 


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