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Active job searchers, passive job seeker, anyone wanting to learn effective proven networking skills.


No matter what jobs appear on the latest hot web site, there is no substitute for networking in-person. Professionals simply cannot effectively job search at the computer keyboard. While research helps (LinkedIn, especially), human contact is key.

Networking gets you to find jobs you want, not just what's being posted. In other words, jobs that are career makers. Chasing ads means you are only going after what someone else is offering at one moment in time – and competing with everyone else.

Jobs found via the Internet account for only 4% of job placements today. Only 20-40% of open jobs are advertised. But according to numerous employer surveys, jobs found or created while networking account for 60%-80% of placements. Which way is a better investment of your job search time?

Networking puts you in touch with people who are not only rich sources of "inside" information about your target companies, but as they learn about you and your credibility, they can tell you about opportunities that will never be advertised, and introduce you to influencers in their network. And since networking is a two-way street, you have your own expertise and contact network to share.

Smart networking is especially effective when you're employed and need to do your job search "under the radar" and have very little time outside of your job.

And if you’re between jobs, we invite you to visit Face2Face, the job search networking group "for the next generation of leaders" facilitated by Joanne Meehl and Wes Roper. This ever-changing group of managers, Directors, VPs, regional leaders and similar, in job search or simply wanting to pay it forward, meets every month and draws from all over the Minneapolis metro area. Many job hunters have told us that they leave with ideas, new connections, and feeling very upbeat. Check out the site for a map/directions (scroll down for the map). Join us!


Also, if you’ve opted for a job search campaign project with Joanne, it includes:

Networking Strategy: In your job search project sessions we will develop your individual networking strategies. You will learn how to tap your network without burning through it. You will learn ways of honestly approaching people you don’t know -- and you will learn what you have to offer them, and how to give back. I call it Elegant Networking© -- because it is.

I will teach you how to use your time wisely, how to approach people you don't yet know, how to not sound "beggy" but like the peer you are. And you’ll develop the Referral Networking Handbill©, a tool you’ll bring with you to each networking meeting you land -- your contact there will love it!

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"Your help enabled me to move quickly and to put my best foot forward. I learned how to match my skills to available opportunities. I feel more in control. And you have a nice coaching style." 
                                                                                                              - Social Services Agency Director



Services are via web-based video (Zoom, Skype, etc.), over the phone, singly or in groups.



Fees are by the project. They are not by the hour, this way you don't have to worry about the clock ticking and you get everything you need from your work with me. These are quoted on a custom basis.

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