Resume and LinkedIn Coaching for:

Active job searchers, passive job seeker, anyone wanting to update or upgrade their resume and LinkedIn for the current AND near-future job market.

I get many, many questions about resumes and LinkedIn. I also believe a good coach cannot deliver the resume without also delivering the LinkedIn profile -- and doing them BOTH well. Technology is critical in today’s job search, whether we like it or not. Your resume and LinkedIn profile both make you visible to employers who are looking for you!

For years, the resume’s demise has been predicted. But it persists because it’s a snapshot of you, it’s “YOU on paper” -- and employers want to see how you think of yourself in that constricted space.


Job search project includes:

Discovery of your Value Success Factors©: In your coaching project, you will discover the value you bring to a position, and learn to accurately and concisely articulate it. This helps shape the resume and LinkedIn content.

Resume and LinkedIn: In various coaching sessions we will develop your resume: "You on paper", not merely a document. Then learn the power of LinkedIn, your silent salesperson that helps hiring managers find you, and helps you engage with your network and mine it. This is part of the job search project and like most clients, you’ll see the difference in response.

Networking, interviewing, salary negotiation are part of the complete campaign package.


"They found me online with 'your' resume, when they couldn't find me when I used my old one! What you do works! Thank you, Joanne."
                                                                                                                     -Information Architect


Here's a great quick video that tells you THE best way to format your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (and online applications):


Here are two free downloads that will help you get started with each of these important tools:

Make Your Resume Visible to Screening Software - Get Your Resume Seen - FREE DOWNLOAD!

LinkedIn Checklist (including endorsements) - LinkedIn Checklist - FREE DOWNLOAD!


So how do you come up with the "good stuff" for your resume and LinkedIn profile? Answer: you’ll work with Joanne to build your resume. Joanne applies her writing gifts and career knowledge on your behalf. She was given the nickname The Resume Queen years ago because she constantly evolves resumes into state-of-the-art tools that get her clients those interview emails and phone calls. She also constantly talks with recruiters and hiring managers, taps her LinkedIn technology gurus and goes to webinars designed for employers, so that she keeps up with how they find great talent by using LinkedIn. Working with her will drive your job search!



Services are via web-based video (Zoom, Skype, etc.), over the phone, singly or in groups.



Fees are by the project. They are not by the hour, this way you don't have to worry about the clock ticking and you get everything you need from your work with me. These are quoted on a custom basis.

Contact me today and let’s get started filling the TREASURY OF YOUR LIFE!