60 Minutes of Line-by-Line Resume Review with Joanne Meehl, The Resume Queen® - Joanne's most popular offering

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Designed for the candidate who wants to start using a new and effective resume as soon as possible, this service gives you fast turnaround.

Is your resume not generating responses from hiring managers or recruiters? Joanne packs this hour on Zoom video conferencing with you with personalized coaching on your resume, line by line. Joanne tells you what you must do to make your resume more effective. This session is completely customized to YOU; with Joanne’s help, you make the changes that will make the difference in your search. Wording suggestions are included: Joanne comes up with the best words for you, she discusses them with you, you type them in. Done.

***First, email Joanne to learn if this option is right for you. You and she willl have a brief talk (free) before you decide.***

How it works: Joanne will ask you to do some pre-session activity that you’ll then share with her, so that you and she make the BEST use of the hour. 

Then you have the session with her: This is a very full hour with Joanne Meehl, one-on-one, just for you. And if the session runs a bit longer, there is no extra charge. As soon as you finish the changes, both in and after your session, your resume will be ready to use.

You’ll get additional guides and materials, that Joanne choses specifically for you, which are included at no extra charge, to keep your new and positive momentum going! 

(Once your payment transaction is complete, within 12 hours you will receive an email from Joanne about scheduling the hour with you.)

How can a nationally-known career coach like Joanne offer such a rich service for so little? She answers: "There’s so much terrible 'advice' out there about resumes that I want to make sure every candidate has a competitive edge from the very start of your search". She helps you get your resume seen by the human reviewer AND the technology that screens resumes today. Yet instead of charging $350-$500, she charges less to tempt you all the more! To her, it’s more important that you get the right results than anything else.

Joanne is not a resume "writer" with a smattering of some knowledge here and there but is a resume builder who shows clients how to build a resume that is "you on paper", based on what employers say WORKS. More than a document, the resume is a summary of what you have to offer, AND tells the employer what you want to do.And Joanne talks with hiring managers constantly, to learn what they look for and how they find you.

Joanne not only knows the right words for each client, she knows careers, career paths, industries, organizational structures and disciplines, and has worked with thousands of candidates in job search. Joanne is also a published author with two books on careers, is a blogger and guest blogger, and former outplacement consultant, college career center director, marketing hiring manager. She has had her own career strategy firm for 16+ years and joined the Forbes Coaches Council in 2016, an invitation-only membership. 


Read these recent reviews:

"I thoroughly enjoyed our time. Learned a lot. You have a gift and I am appreciative." -- Business Development Manager, New Hampshire

"[The internal recruiter] was incredibly effusive with her praise of my resume. ... She said she had been in the business a long time and rarely had she seen such a well executed resume. She arranged a phone screening with the hiring manager last week, they brought me in for an on-site set of interviews yesterday and they offered me the job today. So THANK YOU!!!! It was the resume and very fortunate timing that made this happen for me." -- Technical Documentation Manager, Massachusetts

"I just got through all your comments and made changes. Very helpful!" -- VP of Finance, Minnesota

"I just wanted to say, thank you so much for all your help. I finally feel like my resume looks and sounds good. I’ve had the old version for so many years and just kept adding to it. So I am extremely grateful for what you’ve helped me accomplish." -- Accountant, South Carolina

"I feel like I’m now in Job Search 2.0" -- Mechanical Engineer, Minnesota

Joanne gives you a lot and always over-delivers. So why wait? 
This session is a great companion session to the one-hour phone- or Zoom-based LinkedIn Review with Joanne: What Can I Do to Make My Profile an Employer Magnet?