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Today’s Job Search requires that you are "smart" in your search, especially if you’re in a demanding job. In your job search it is important to work with someone who can help you cut through the process and show you how to quickly land the job YOU want.

As a career coach I partner with you to create a personalized career strategy, cut through the job search process, and get the results you want.

I use a methodology I’ve developed and refined over the past 18+ years of career and job search development called Value-Based Success Story©. This method combined with your personalized job search strategy will propel you forward fast. I welcome clients of any color, gender, faith/none, background, and love what I do because NO two of you are alike!

I love working with professionals who are career-minded and want what’s next but need to know how to get there. Fast.

“I believe you have successes and achievements built by your talents and skills -- but too few people know about you. I believe that some lucky employer out there needs you. I believe this so strongly because I have seen it be true over and over again for so many others. Let me teach you how to alert others to what you bring. Let's partner so you get the work you want.” -- Joanne Meehl

Contact me today and together we’ll set the course to get you to the happy fulfilled career you deserve!

Still have questions – check out my page on Why Hire a Career Coach? 

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