4 Ways to Recharge Your Job Search Motivation

by: Joanne Meehl

Inertia: The lack of movement. An object sitting still. An object without movement. The tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line.

The enemy of a good job search -- a search that lands the job hunter a good job sooner -- is lack of movement, lack of activity. That might be due to lack of motivation or momentum, or "waiting to see what will happen next month", or "Let's see if I get that call" or "There's a lot of info on the web, I'll find the secrets there". Or job search activity that's only in a straight line -- meaning, uncreative, as in using static wording in your resume or LinkedIn profile instead of showing your successes.

Or sometimes a job hunter will "need a break". This often happens after a burst of activity, and usually if that activity -- an interview, for example -- does not result in an offer. The dejected candidate stops their activity to lick their wounds. Or, the candidate who does get that second or third interview eases up on all other activity, because they figure they've got this one in the bag.

Result: inertia. If the job hunter's waiting or hoping does not materialize into an offer, other activity usually dries up, and they've lost momentum.

To overcome inertia:

First, the best thing to do is have a plan for your search, and follow through with the plan regardless of losses or wins during your search. Activity is key.

Second: Motivate yourself during the search, too! Re-read your excellent performance reviews from your current or former job. Stay in touch with your references, who are your biggest cheerleaders. Stay current with your field. Refresh yourself in what VALUE you bring to a new employer. They need you!

Third: Try something new, and that will give you new energy. For example, at your next interview, bring a graph with you that points out why YOU are the best fit for the job. Or refresh your portfolio and make it a point to show it to the interviewer. You want the job, don't you? Then go all out for it.

Fourth: Keep yourself in the positive. Avoid listening to bad economic news over and over again. Associate with can-do people who will urge you on instead of keeping you off-task.

Doing these things will keep you in control of your search instead of it controlling you and causing inertia. Smart search activity -- and movement -- will lead you to your next position. Keep moving, and you will see that you'll land sooner!


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