Get Rid Of That What A Dummy Mallet

by: Joanne Meehl

What do all of these people have in common?

"I should have said ____ when they asked me in the interview about ___."
"I can't believe I didn't ask my contact about ABC company, what a dope I am."
"If only I majored in Business, I would be having an easier time in my search"
"If I hadn't worked at that company, I'd be further ahead by now."
"When they asked me about project management, I forgot to give an example, DUH!"
What's the common thread? They are all hitting themselves over the head with a big, heavy,?invisible what-a-dummy mallet.

This mallet not only hurts when you use it on yourself. It also makes you feel dumb, reinforces that you made a mistake (OMG, you're human!), it brings your spirits down in your search, and it?drains energy.

Job search is hard enough without you putting yourself down. So get rid of the mallet. Replace its negative messages with positive, concrete ones, like these:

"Next interview, I'll be sure to give 2-3 examples, which will feel great."
"When I meet with contacts, I'll bring a written reminder for myself to talk about my target companies."
"Whatever I majored in, I've since been a success in several areas, and that's what I'm now focusing on."
"All the experiences I've had until now, good or bad, have made me the excellent person I am. I have a lot to offer, and the success stories to prove it!"
Try it: You'll feel better and keep you in a winning frame of mind. And ready for that lucky employer to find you!


Don't know how to uncover the gifts YOU have to offer? Or how to market them in today's job? Contact Joanne.


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