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Resume Revision and Related Coaching

"My new position is in so many ways the perfect job for me. It eases me back into the workforce after having last worked [four years ago], and gets me in the door of where I want to be - a Higher Ed institution. And to top it all off, the opportunities for networking are outstanding!

Just wanted to share [the] good news, and to thank you for all you've done for me. Your positive energy during your network meetings, and professionalism was crucial to building up the skills and confidence I needed to find my position.

Thanks again for your moral support, your resume contributions, your contacts, and just never giving up on your charges"

-University Database Manager
"They found me online with "your" resume, when they couldn't find me when I used my old one! What you do works! Thank you, Joanne."

-Information Architect
"I hope you know you are very good at what you do."

-Senior Finance Manager
"With your help, I feel much better prepared for exploring new opportunities."

-Executive Producer, Television Documentaries
"This is the most activity I have had in 6 months and is ALL YOUR FAULT! ;) You can quote me: Joanne helped me realize I have a lot of tools and knowledge I can offer to any employer and she helped me describe this knowledge in a more attractive and professional way in a resume."

-Product Manager
"I landed a great job working for the CEO and CFO, with bonuses twice a year, and it's only a 7-minute commute. Thanks again for your assistance. You were indispensable."

- Executive Assistant to the President
"Please continue inspiring people - you're the best!"

-Senior Mechanical Engineer
"Thanks and appreciate your help so far. It has helped on several levels, personally and professionally."

-Competitive Intelligence Professional
"Your resume is one of the best I have ever seen. It's to the point, nothing in excess and the important/key points are highly apparent."

-Fortune 500 hiring manager to a Facilities Manager client
"Before I sent her to you, she wasn't getting interviews. Now all I hear about is the interviews she's getting! What you do WORKS."

about a friend who's a Fundraising Director at non-profits
"To think I spent months dreading doing my resume...if I'd only contacted you sooner, I would have saved myself all that worry. I had no idea it would be so enjoyable. I can't say enough about how good you are, Joanne, and how easy you are to work with!"

-HR Director turned charitable foundation manager
"Some of the things that we removed will give me excellent topics for an interview, without overwhelming them with details as my resume used to do."

-Senior Systems Engineer
"Thank you again for your help in making my resume stand out from the crowd.. A friend showed me his resume which wasn't focused, so I suggested he get that in shape first and sent him your contact info - and a strong recommendation. I hope he follows up on it. [The company's] HR would never call him with the resume he currently has."

-Senior Technical Writer
(Landed in international software firm)
"Joanne, I wanted to let you know your resumes work! I sent an early version of my resume to a company for a Software QA job four months ago, but never heard back from them. Last week I noticed the job was posted again so I sent them my new resume, the one we did together, on Wednesday morning. On Wednesday afternoon the HR person called and asked me if I could do a phone interview the next day. So on Thursday I talked to the hiring manager and he kept commenting on how much he liked my resume. He said it "jumped out at him". He was also surprised when I told him I had sent a different version a few months ago and he never noticed it. He noticed this one! He asked me to come in on Friday to talk to the rest of the team. I got the job offer this morning, and accepted it. Thank you so much!"

-Software QA Engineer
"Thanks again for the resume coaching. My number of leads has increased threefold!"

-A technical writer
(Landed a job with a large storage server company)
"I am so glad I found you...with my new resume, employers were coming at me from everywhere, it seemed! I've landed a new job, just the one I wanted and was ready for. And all your coaching and tips and help really put me over the top. Thank you so much!"

-A Product Manager who transitioned
to Business Process Consultant
(Landed at a financial services firm)
"I will DEFINITELY be giving your name to others! Thank you so much!"

-An engineer who was at Polaroid almost 30 years
(Landed a consulting position in Scotland)
"Thanks again for all the help on the resume. It is definitely opening doors for me."

-A hardware/software engineer
"My grandmother bought me a gift certificate for your services as a graduation gift, and it's been a great gift as I begin my search for an editing and writing job. You showed me how to make my resume one that appeals to businesses, and which shows the benefits they'll get if they hire me. Before, I had no clue. Thank you for the job search coaching, as well. Now I know what to do to get a job!"

-A new college grad, English major
(Landed at AOL)
"I will be starting with [my new employer] as a Branch Manager/General Assignment, pending completion of 15-20 new branches in the region. Thanks again for your terrific expertise and advice."

-A bank branch manager
"Thank you, Joanne, for teaching me that I have to show not only what I've done, but its impact, too. An engineer like me needs to do more than just list skills and tools -- I needed to communicate my successes, and now I do. No one can say "So what" to my resume now."

-A senior software engineer
(Now working for a thinktank)
"Before, you'd have to read my entire resume all the way through to see my skills. With my new resume, my skills and expertise now pop out at you! Fantastic job."

-A senior property management/property development professional
"There are jobs out there for me, but I wanted to choose the right one for me. When we talked, and you asked me a lot of questions about the kind of life I want to have, I realized pretty quickly exactly which direction I should go -- a university teaching hospital, in oncology. I start my new job in two weeks!"

-A new college grad with a nursing degree
(Her resume was a graduation gift from her parents.)
"Helping people to write great resumes, find work, and build careers is based on up-to-date knowledge of the hiring process and the market but it's really anchored in understanding people and reaching them directly. You showed me how to do that in a practical, effective, professional manner. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is considering tailoring their work life to better fit their goals, and anyone who wants to conduct a successful job search.... Translating my skills into something someone in another industry would fully appreciate was a daunting task. You helped me to think through and pull together the changes in career and lifestyle I wanted."

-A technical product marketing manager
"Not only did you catch my typos and misspellings, your questions about what kind of company do I want, what kind of technology do I want to build, all helped me focus my resume. Your ability to draw out of me what I needed to say about my experience has given my resume substance. I can't wait to use it now."

-A Linux programmer
"I'm now getting more calls when I send out my new resume.... When I first reviewed the revisions I did with your help, I said "Is this really me?!" Then you pointed out, "Yes, you've done all these great things, now believe it!", I finally saw how good I really am at my work, and how much I have to offer.... Working with you gave me a real boost. And your newsletter is great and helps keep me going, and seems to arrive each time with just the advice I need."

-A museum director
"Your help enabled me to move quickly and to put my best foot forward. I learned how to match my skills to available opportunities. I feel more in control. And you have a nice coaching style."

-A social services agency director
(Two months later she got the job
she wanted at her #1 target company.)
"This was so worth it! I am making many changes in my life and you helped me with one of the most important. I can't tell you how much this means to me, Joanne."

-A fundraiser / development manager
"I will certainly refer others to you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I can't wait to send this new resume out."

-A former CEO of high tech companies
"Thanks so much! I've just started going through and incorporating your comments. They are fantastic and extraordinarily helpful. ... You are providing enormous value. Your kind and gentle support, encouragement, and specific, concrete suggestions are providing the motivation and guidance I needed. Prior to this point, I would just look at my resume and get depressed. You are the best."

-A documentation manager
"No wonder I wasn't getting any calls for interviews. My resume went back too far -- all the way to 1962! You showed me how to emphasize more recent experience while giving credit to those earlier positions. I have already landed a choice interview with a company I'd love to work for. I am thrilled -- thanks so much."

-A VP of Sales
"Thank you for helping me convert my resume to a Curriculum Vitae. Now it truly shows what I can do, and I have a lot more confidence going into the interview."

-A medical technologist / microbiologist

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Job Search Coaching

"Have I thanked you for how much you have helped others as well as myself?"

-Senior Manufacturing Engineer/PhD
"I strongly recommend Joanne's services to anyone who needs to create an action plan and professional documents that will give prospective employers and clients an excellent first impression...and as we all know, you don't get a second chance to do that!

For anyone wondering about hiring you to help them: When I began my job search, the first thing I did was meet with Joanne, to review and revamp my resume. Joanne worked her magic, transforming my boring, humdrum resume into a professional document that focused on results and achievements. (No, we didn't make any stuff up! ;-) She also provided me with a terrific cover letter template, plus examples, which helped separate my correspondence from the dozens of others... I couldn't have done it without her."

-Bank Branch Manager
"Thank you for all your helpful tips and kind words of encouragement."

-A software engineer

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Interview Preparation

"The interview went very well. I talked with 13 people that day. Four of them were VPs. It was hectic but very exciting. I have to say the "live" training with you helped me quite a bit. So far I have received just positive feedback from them. I hope to get an answer next week."

-Technical Marketing Manager
"Thanks for your help. Our phone session definitely helped. They didn't ask me any questions that you hadn't already prepared me for."

-VP of Finance

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"Getting Unstuck" Career Consult

"Joanne patiently peeled away the layers until we reached the core of my true ambition."

-Graphic Designer/Volunteer Coordinator
"You brought me up to date on how things are done today. I was out of touch until I worked with you! Now I feel ready to find my next job."


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Career Counseling and Coaching

"You were amazing...you helped me explore all the possibilities. You helped me change my life! Doing all the testing was a help, and I learned a lot. But the main thing was you were so easy to talk to, about my concerns. Yet you pushed me to keep going. With you, I was able to take the time and sort out my priorities. The result is I've started my own business, which already has customers, and I am thrilled! Plus everyone around me tells me I look happy now."

-A landscape architect
"I'm very happy with how we worked together to help me determine what I wanted to do from this point on. I also appreciate all your support and networking help since I reached my decision. Now I'm contracting in my new field and feel like I'm really on my way."

-IT Auditor, former Director of Applications Development

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