Are You Becoming a Career Coach?


Joanne is available to new career coaches, to help YOU help others! 

She teaches new or re-starting career coaches today’s best practices of the profession. And she focuses how to market your services to actually land clients, particularly how to build a referral-based business. "Who out there knows about your next client before you do?", she likes to ask.

Joanne works not with life coaches, but CAREER coaches. What’s the difference? A life coach helps you decide what’s important to you, and then you act on it. A career coach helps you decide what career is best for you ("career choice"), if that’s what you’re trying to determine and aren’t already there. AND how to get that great job in that career (job search).

Some career coaches do both "career choice" and "job search", some do only one of those. 

If you are in a career coaching certification program or recently obtained your certification, that tells Joanne you’re serious about this work. That it’s not a hobby or something you do occasionally. You’ve made a commitment. You’re not making it up as you go along, that this is a profession. That you want to know what’s necessary to truly help others -- yet make a happy living at it.

That’s who Joanne wants to work with.

And she already is: new coaches thank her for insights and the benefits of her tenure of over 20 years in the field -- as a career counselor for adults starting new careers, Director of Career Services at a 4-year college, outplacement consultant, marketing, B2B sales -- and 18 years in her successful business. They leave each meeting brimming with ideas and motivation.

Currently Joanne answers career coach "How do I build my business?" Q & A by half-hour increments (don't worry, if you run over on that time, it’s included), and there’s much more info, HERE. Once she sees your payment come through, she contacts you to set up a time to talk. 

Start building your business now: be in touch with Joanne.